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Dr. Anthony Horvath is a Hungarian-born immigrant who came to Canada in 1957 to escape Communism. He doesn’t claim to be an economist. His expertise is information system design and modeling, and his originality is viewing economy with new eyes as a gigantic financial information system, as a dynamic financial information flow. His revolutionary idea: financing the economy with a public owned national fractional reserve banking, franchised back to banks in a public-private partnership.

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Dr. Anthony Horvath

Ever since being a student he had a reputation of originality and an annoying innovator disturbing the status-quo. He proposed and carried through many controversial ideas, either as a professor at the University of Quebec, as a teacher, as a journalist, as a consultant, as an educational film producer, as an invention marketer, as a research coordinator, as the founder of Horvath Research & Development, and lately as a gourmet cook. At present, he is a director of the Canadian Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, acting as a business and economic advisor. He is a passionate supporter of Hungary’s nationalist economic goals. The proposed economic macro-model in this book is the direct extension of his INFORMATION FLOW modeling concepts transformed into CAPITAL FLOW design concepts for the economy.